The 8th annual enchanted forest employee reunion is Saturday August 15th,2015 from 11am to 4pm. at Clark's Elioak Farm on route 108 in Ellicott City, Maryland 21042. Contact Norman Cavey for more information.


Welcome to the homepage for the "Original Enchanted Forest" DVD. The DVD is a tour of the Enchanted Forest in Ellicott City Maryland, before it closed in 1987. Here you will find a sampling of what makes up the 54 minute DVD.

The DVD: What's Inside?

This is a video taken in May of 1987. With my Uncle being the manager of the park, I had the opportunity to walk through the park and film each building and ride.

I was able to go behind the scenes and inside the houses that most people were not able to do. The park had just been freshly painted, and was looking it's best.

This video was taken on a home video camera, and transferred to DVD. Because of the age of the tape, some footage is a little distorted.

Bonus Feature!

Clark's Elioak Farm Remembers The Echanted Forest: 23 minutes of video showing the restored buildings and figures from the closed Enchanted Forest.  In 2005, Martha Clark of Clark's Elioak Farm was given the opportunity to restore them back to their original condition. They can now be visited along with the petting farm by future generations and remembered by older generations who loved going to the Enchanted Forest as a child.


"I ordered your DVD of The Enchanted Forest for my husband (Ernest). He had told me of a wonderful theme park he went to, when he was about seven years old. He was very pleased to be able to see that same park again, after thirty eight years. We visited Maryland this past summer, and He was so disappointed that the park was gone. Thank you so much for this video. It was great, and I was able to visit The Enchanted Forest after all."
Lena, Big Stone Gap, Va.

"Thanks so much! What an incredible walk down memory lane. I grew up in Potomac MD, and my brother and I have such great memories of The Enchanted Forest. It was always such a treat when our parents took us to "the forest." You have made my day. I can't wait to show it to my brother."
Stephen, Charlotte, NC.

"Being too young to have visited the Enchanted Forest, I always felt robbed of the memories. When I got my hands on the Enchanted Forest DVD, I finally got to see what all the fuss was about!"
Patrick, Mardela Springs, MD.

"Having gone to the Enchanted Forest as a child, and worked there as a teenager, I have very fond memories of the park. I was very happy yo get a copy of this DVD so I could share those memories with my child."
Carrie, Eldersburg, MD.

Enchanted Forest